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NeaCera Custom Color Process

Posted by Erica Schoenagel on Feb 21, 2018 1:48:57 PM

Life is all about customization. So, why shouldn’t architects and designers be able to customize their building materials? 

With NeaCera® Terra-cotta Panels, you have the possibility to not only design your building’s façade, but also design the perfect color cladding to match your vision!

Our innovative manufacturing techniques allow Avenere Cladding the opportunity to create custom colored NeaCera panels.

Our clay is special in that it comes from one of the world’s premier clay mines located in the Westerwald region of Germany. There the clay is mined and ground to a talcum powder level of fineness before being mixed with an all-natural proprietary blend. From there, the panels are extruded and dried before moving onto the engobe process, which is where colors and finishes are added to the panel.

Terracotta Mines for commercial rainscreen cladding wall panel systemsTerra-cotta rainscreen caldding solutions and wall panel systems


However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! The custom color process is exactly that, a process, and it starts with an idea.

An architect or designer will begin this process by visualizing a color and then locating a color sample to use as our color example. Let color samples inspire you! Once you have found a desired color, the color will be submitted to the plant and given to the lab manager to replicate.

Terracotta Panels Rainscreen Facade System Commercial Cladding

In order to get the color as close as possible, minute percentage changes in proprietary materials must be thoughtfully adjusted as lab batch samples (pictured below) are created to work towards the desired color. Once the color has been matched, sample panels can be produced so that the customer can see exactly what their panel will look like. This sample panel then runs through the entirety of our production line to ensure that this customized blend of materials is repeatable and delivers the same consistent results.

Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding Sample Wall Panel Facade


Once it is confirmed that the new panel complies with all of NeaCera’s rigorous quality control standards and is checked again for optimum color matching, as seen in the photos below, the sample custom colored panel is sent to its designer. Your unique and specific vision is now a reality! Once the custom colored panel gets the architect’s/designer’s approval, the full order of panels can begin to be fabricated. This custom color process takes on average 12 weeks for a customized NeaCera panel from conceptualization to approval.

Terracotta Cladding solution and rainscreen system Wall PanelTerracotta Cladding solution and rainscreen system commercial clading

One iconic project utilizing custom colored panels is currently being constructed in Downtown Denver, a 19-story residential condominium tower, The Coloradan. Located adjacent to the historic Union Station, Portland, OR based GBD Architects designed The Coloradan to compliment this iconic city landmark.

Custom Color Terracotta wall panel facade and rainscreen system

Terracotta rainscreen system cladding architectural Facade


GBD, wanting to stray from the red, brown, and blonde tones that are so common in Denver architecture, tasked Avenere Cladding with creating custom colored panels that would reflect the natural and subtle hues of the Rocky Mountains. For months, Avenere worked tirelessly with the GBD team to create the perfect blend of color, texture, and finish to impeccably reflect the vibrancy of this mountain region, as seen in the image to the right.


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