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NeaCera Goes Mile High on The Coloradan

Posted by Erica Schoenagel on Apr 25, 2019 3:53:57 PM


The Coloradan is a 19-story residential condominium tower located in the growing Union Station neighborhood. 

This $200-million, 334-unit condo building will utilize 61,000-square-feet of custom colored NeaCera® panels, carefully crafted and chosen to meld into the natural beauty that personifies Denver. 

The building is LEED Gold Certified, as well as Certified Healthy, a Denver based certification program granted upon the use of healthy components in the design and function of a building that facilitate a healthy lifestyle for residents.

The Crown Jewel of Union Station
Nestled between LoDo and LoHi, two of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods, The Coloradan is planted firmly within the nucleus of the best dining, culture, and nightlife the city has to offerIMG_3602.

The condos are located directly across the street from a 56,000-square-foot Whole Foods. The Coloradan will have 19,000-square-feet on the ground floor of the building for restaurants and shopping, helping to contribute to the 11% increase in small business opportunities in Denver in the second quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year, as reported by the Denver Business Journal.

A Mountain of Color Options

Located adjacent to the historic Union Station, GBD Architects designed The Coloradan to compliment this iconic city landmark. GBD, wanting to stray from the red, brown, and blonde tones that are so common in Denver architecture, tasked Avenere Cladding with creating custom colored panels that would reflect the natural and subtle hues of the Rocky Mountains. For months, Avenere worked tirelessly with the GBD team to create the perfect blend of color, texture, and finish to impeccably reflect the vibrancy of this mountain region. In total, 27 color-texture combinations were created and presented to the team from which they chose three, all using the Stone Finish, to capture the architect’s vision. This custom color and texture development is possible due to our advanced manufacturing process.

IMG_3612_ close_edit

The engobe process is where a pigmented granular clay material is applied to the panel and then baked at strictly controlled temperatures to ensure a durable finish and permanent color. This process allows the color and the granular material, which creates the finish, to be varied, opening up endless creative possibilities for the architect. A custom shaped panel was also created for The Coloradan to act as an accent, building character within this already charming façade.

Douglass Colony, a staple of the Rocky Mountain region since 1947, installed these unique panels having confidently worked with the NeaCera system previously, installing 6,300-square- feet of NeaCera on the award winning Colorado National Guard Readiness Center. Douglass Colony is a widely accredited, full-service specialty contractor, providing seamless service from design to completion with a reputation of excellence. 

Natural Sustainability & Durability
The Coloradan is as committed to healthy living and lifestyles as the citizens of Denver. Use of all natural and sustainable NeaCera Terra-cotta Cladding affirms the Coloradan’s core IMG_3780commitment to an active and green lifestyle.

NeaCera panels are made exclusively from raw materials consisting of the finest clays from the Westerwald region of Germany. After the panels are extruded and fired at temperatures exceeding 2,200º F, this highly automated process results in increased panel density and strength at a fraction of the weight of other terra-cotta cladding products.

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